Important Resources


How can you get support? Where can you learn about museum security? What resources are available to you?  This section consists of useful resources that you should be aware of.

The Smithsonian’s National Conference on Cultural Property Protection is the best museum security- specific annual training program in the U.S.  Next Conference: See HERE

for full details.

The American Society for Industrial Security’s Annual Seminars and Exhibits is the largest security trade show in the U.S. It is held each Fall in a different major city and boasts the best and largest trade show of security products. As an added value, go just to network with others!

The AAM Annual Meetings are held each year, usually in May, somewhere in the U.S. It has a mid-sized trade show and many museum specific seminars. The IFCPP holds a one day training program in conjunction.

The Museum Security Network offers a comprehensive website but also distributes a daily digest of news regarding cultural property fires, thefts and other security incidents. Fantastic resource! Google “Museum Security Network”.

“Security Management” magazine is the journal of the American Society for Industrial Security and free with membership in ASIS. You can also buy it in most major book stores. It contains security management articles and ads for security products.

Security” Magazine is a free magazine with little real content. Its value is in the fact that it contains articles and ads for security products and services. You can order literature on these products directly through the magazine. You need to subscribe. It’s free. Google it for details.

Art Theft Central is a blog by Mark Durney on art theft. You can subscribe to an RSS feed and have any new posts downloaded to your Google home page. Google it for details. Google “Art Theft Central Blog”.

The IFCPP (International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection).  Provides security officer and supervisor level training. Offers a certification for guards and supervisors. Google “IFCPP” for details.

Museum Security: The Guard’s Role is a 22 minute professionally produced and award winning color video filmed at the Art Institute of Chicago. It explains what a guard does in a museum and the problems they encounter. Documentary format. DVD only, Sold as a non-profit project at

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