Press Support


Steve Keller   386-235-7500 (mobile)

Museum Security Consultant; Former museum security manager

Museum thefts; Museum security technology and systems; Hacking and computer crimes

Danny McDaniel  Phone:  757-220-7374

Director of Security and Safety, Colonial Williamsburg; Member of the NFPA Committee

Historic House Museums; Museum Fires and Fire Standards; Museum Fire Systems

Robert Whittman  Phone:   (610) 361-8929

Retired FBI Art Crimes Investigator; Security Consultant specializing in collection theft

Museum thefts; Private collections thefts; Art theft recovery; Past museum crimes.

Steve Layne     970-468-5522

Museum Security Consultant; Former museum security manager

Museum security training; workplace violence;  Museum thefts


Are you looking for a comment on a current event in the news relevant to this committee? We can help. You will find several articles below that will provide background. If you want a comment from one of our committee chairs, please call one of the experts below.

You will find the expert’s name followed by three areas of expertise that expert is qualified to address. If you are preparing a routine article or book, use the email address to contact the expert. If you are on deadline for a major news event, use the phone number.

No one on this committee will assist you in writing a book or screenplay. We will not tell you how to rob a museum or defeat a museum security system. If you ask, the expert will terminate the call. Amazingly, we do get inquiries like this!

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